Be Mobile with QR Codes

What Is a QR Code?

The QR Code, short for Quick Response, is an advanced two-dimensional code that can hold specific information such as URLs, text, and phone numbers. Created in Japan in 1994 by Denso-Wave, it is changing the way we send and receive information. Each code is unique to the information it holds and can be decoded at high speeds.

How Is It Used?

We are now able to utilize QR Codes due to the wide use of smart phones. Users equipped with a camera and QR reading software on their smart phones can read the code by taking a picture of it and then are directed to the respective information in the phone’s browser.

Utilizing QR Codes

Star Real Estate recognizes the need to jump into new technology that will help us do what we do best.  We are utilizing QR Codes in every way possible to provide a convenient way for you to quickly access detailed property pages and all other information you need. Our advertising now becomes 3-dimensional instead of a 1-photo advertisement. You can now take a virtual tour and see inside a home by just scanning your newspaper ad. We have big plans for this simple little box.

Get the QR Reader
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