Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman
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Charlie and Michael Freeman are not only partners in marriage for over 32 years, but are highly successful partners in Real Estate. Charlie, licensed since 1987, and Michael, licensed since 1991 are experienced in residential, investment residential, commercial, business, and Resort/Vacation properties as well as property management. Working in the Lake Arrowhead area, they were able to raise their family and maintain a top producing business. “You get two agents for the price of one,” say this hardworking and successful couple. “We complement each others best qualities, and are stronger together. We have a large referral business because we convert our clients into valued friends and keep in touch. Our clients remain loyal, because they know we put in that extra effort, whatever it takes, to make sure escrow closes. We have never had a bad experience with our clients.” As Top Ten Producers at their old company, they earned many awards, but they were most moved by the award given by the owner himself, inscribed “All men and women have good thoughts, good ideas, and good intentions but a precious few of them ever translate them to action,” for the help and encouragement they gave other agents, the fulfillment of all promises made, and the willingness to go beyond what was necessary to help others.

Charlie, the daughter of a Gourmet chef, also loves to cook, and even wrote a cooking column for the local newspaper. One of her signature marketing events is an Open House, catered exclusively by Charlie, from her repertoire of fabulous recipes. “It is a huge event, drawing the publics and brokers attention to our listing and ensuring broad exposure for a faster sale,” says appreciative husband, Michael. “Everyone looks forward to and anticipates these events.” Charlie is a master negotiator and problem solver, a key to their “win-win” philosophy and making sure every party in the transaction is happy. Michael says, “I am the glue in the partnership; helping create a master strategy, making sure everything proceeds as planned, executing the details, and keeping everyone updated on the latest developments. We are in constant communication with all parties to the transaction to make sure we are all on track. It’s important to us to listen carefully and make sure that we implement all of our client’s wishes. We are also respectful of the other Buyer or Seller and their representative. One of the greatest compliments we received was a gift of original artwork from the other agent’s client, the local artist Mary Storm, for our part in facilitating her real estate sale.

Michael & Charlie Freeman, the Freeman Team chooses Star Corporate Office after careful consideration.
Star Real Estate has cutting edge technology and advertising and Marketing Department, computer techs for you, available to all the agents as well as a full staff almost on a constant basis.  Experience Managers in Commercial as well as Residential and Legal counsel for legal guidance for our transactions. Education weekly, monthly and daily if necessary. Information is key for our clients to make and save money.
The Freeman Team is a client driven agent to meet your needs in Residential or Commercial. We travel to far distances to accommodate when possible or interview referring agents that would best serve the client needs.

Frank McDowell is the Owner offers all this and more to his agents. We as his agents have the opportunity to coastal or inland Offices to choose from. You can be at any office at anytime to serve your client needs.
That is our a job to meet our clients needs.
Star Real Estate equips us to win.

The Freeman’s recipe for success is simple: Experience, hard work, and careful attention to their client’s needs and wants. To create your own successful real estate portfolio, call Charlie Freeman at 714-681-2725, or Michael Freeman at 951-809-0572. Contact them at m-freeman@sbcglobal.net. Cook up your next real estate move at www.CaliforniaFreemanTeam.com