Advantage One Escrow
Advantage One Escrow
7777 Center Avenue
Suite 350
Huntington Beach, CA, 92647
Office Description:  
Advantage One Escrow is a full service, independent escrow company that has been servicing Southern California’s agents, lenders, sellers and buyers for over 13 years. Established in May of 1993, we’re your team of experienced neutral third party escrow personnel ready to oversee the escrow process in all its detail. We will lead you through the increasing complexity of business, law and tax structures that are a part of today’s escrow process, so you can focus less on the paperwork and more on your life.

We’re here to ensure that all conditions of sale have been met before property and money change hands. While not tax or legal advisors, we don’t skip a beat when it comes to the escrow process itself.

We’re bonded, insured and committed to providing the highest possible standard of service to safely and confidently transfer your real property and make your escrow experience pleasurable.

Licensed by the Department of Corporations, Advantage One Escrow is a member of:
Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation
Escrow Institute of California
California Escrow Association
Orange County Escrow Association
Orange County Association of Realtors
Women’s Council of Realtors
Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce
Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce


Our friendly attitude and responsive environment aren’t just accessible by phone and facsimile; we’re also e-mail and instant message compatible. We synchronize every necessary piece of correspondence and documentation from lenders, title companies, homeowners association and management companies, as well as insurance firms. With today’s technology to speed your escrow process and documents along, we accommodate your needs for:
Speedy Escrow Instructions
Responsive Call Backs
Proactive Updates
Full Time Messenger Service
Accommodating Sign-Up Times & Locations
Closings Disbursed within 24 hours of receipt of wire from Title Company
Full Time Customer Relations Representative